Prices are for in-studio applications from Ginny at Do or Dye Salon.

Airbrush Makeup: $85 (includes lashes)

Known for achieving flawless, high-definition application, air-brush makeup is ideal for any event where you may be photographed such as weddings, galas, portraits or special events. The lightweight makeup provides even coverage and can last up to 16 hours.  Lash options range from subtle to dramatic — whatever you need to achieve your look.

Traditional Makeup: $75 (includes lashes)

Traditional foundation is more opaque, and has a richer coverage. Also, because the finish is in hand-blending, we can work the product into skin that may have some texture issues, filling in all the nooks and crannies. Lash options are included, and can range from subtle to dramatic — whatever your need to achieve your look.

Makeup Lessons & Consultations: $125 for One Hour

Ginny’s one-on-one makeup consultation is all about bringing out your personality and style.  Which products are best for your skin type? Which color combinations bring our your eyes? Ginny will teach you the all tips and tricks in the industry that will work for your skin tone, hair color and highlight your best features. Whether it’s an everyday look or a black-tie affair, you will learn how to do your makeup like a pro!


photo by kitty sanchez


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